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Magnetic Oil Level Gauge
Provided Transformer Magnetic Oil Level Gauge is noted as an optimal instrument that can capably bring off the level of liquid/oil inside the tank of power transformer. The gauge is provisioned with precision in procedure and insure functional accuracy.
Flexible Copper Connectors
High-performing, sturdy and hard-wearing Flexible Copper Connectors used in transformers and other products. They are available in precise dimensions for easy installation.
Silica Gel Breather
Silica Gel Breather is applicative for power generation companies and assimilate the moisture in the air suctioned. It renders a profitable as well as cost-efficient way of controlling the level of moisture.
Transformer Bushing
We are dealing in high-quality Transformer Bushing, which is utilized on the electrical devices as the primal lead entrances. The device remains comparatively stabilized throughout its functional life.
Transformer Valves
Offered Transformer Valves enable a substitution of divisions without the need of obviating any insulating liquid. The main profit these come with is their compactness as well as efficient construction.
Transformer Copper Conductors
Transformer Copper Conductors are super fine flat copper wires widely used for making winding wires. They are light in weight yet sturdy and highly conductive wires.
Transformer L.V. Windings are designed using high-grade copper flats with 43% silver brazing rods. They are hard-wearing windings that can easily withstand rust and abrasion. 
Transformer Oil Drain Device
Transformer Oil Drain Device is used in the processes of oil sampling the transformer tank. This is used together with connection pipes to efficient drain the transformer cases for regeneration purposes.

Transformer Cable Connectors are widely used in transformer for connecting cables. They are wera and damage proof in nature ensuring maximum efficacy.
Transformer Roller Wheel is exclusively designed to be used in the electrical industry. This is developed using supreme grade raw materials to ensure maximum resistance to abrasion. 

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